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"Thanks to DiCentral for making the task of dealing with EDI much easier for Genieco!"

- Jim Norman, Genieco

"We have come to love our software provided by DiCentral."

- Mike Reynolds, Top Heavy 

We have a great relationship with DiCentral!"

- Andrea Smith, Lord & Taylor



We Connect. Any Industry. Any Business, Any System.

  •  Buyers - Quickly unlock productivity by EDI enabling your vendor community
  •  Suppliers - Instantly comply with any EDI and business rules

Seamless ERP Integration 

Say goodbye to redundant, error-prone data entry. Traditional EDI providers outsource your ERP integration technology to third party vendors—often leading to delayed projects, increased costs, and lost revenue. DiCentral’s pre-built, proprietary adapters get you up and running quickly, on time, and under budget.